Monday, October 15, 2012

My First Runish Font

If you open my notebooks or journals you will see they are written in Runes. I have adapted the Runes for writing modern English and have even begun using Rune numbers. But recently I decided I wanted to write in Runes on my computer. There are actually many fine Runic fonts available, but they are lacking the punctuation I use and they do not use a doubled thorn for the Dagaz Rune. The other fonts are also lacking the Rune numbers that I use. So, long story short, I made my own font.

I used the free tools at FontStruct to make the font I am calling Nu-Runish. This is my first full font and the tools at FontStruct are pretty primitive. The font feels fairly clunky, but still feels more like "my Runes" than any of the polished fonts I can find. This font is released under the creative commons license. If for some reason you do not see the font embedded in this post, find it at FontStruct here: