Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Versatile Blogger Award

Polyphanes over at The Digital Ambler nominated me for a Versatile Blogger Award. I have been sort of slow in the accepting process. Real world, blah blah blah...

First, thank you Polyphanes! You are a very crafty sort and I am glad you can appreciate and bring into the real world some of the things I dream up. I'm sure you will be interested in some of the things I have on the back burner. Expect to see them some time after I find a place to live and finally move there.

Fifteen Blogs...

In keeping with the VBA rules, I am supposed to list 15 blogs I have either recently discovered or follow regularly. To be honest, I don't follow any blogs regularly. I read the internet and everything on it. I spend a great deal of time on wikipedia, tutorial sites, YouTube, and google books. But I will start my list and leave space for more as I come across them. The first four blogs have been in my bookmarks for years. I really like them and hope you do too.
1) Grim Reviews: http://grimreviews.blogspot.com/
2) Papers Falling from an Attic Window: https://danharms.wordpress.com/
3) Propnomicon: http://propnomicon.blogspot.com/
4) The Steampunk Workshop: http://steampunkworkshop.com/
5) The Digital Ambler: http://digitalambler.wordpress.com/

Seven Things About Me

Here are seven things about me. You might not ever know any of these things about me if you just read the other posts on this blog.
1) My only pet is a leopard gecko named Texas.

2) I like H.P. Lovecraft. I discovered Lovecraft right before high school and have been reading his work off and on ever since.

3) I drink coffee. Not just a little coffee. I have gotten into the habit of drinking a pot at a time. I recently threw away my twelve-cup coffee maker and started using a single-cup pour over setup to slow down my consumption. I think it's working.

4) I play video games. I have about a dozen NES consoles to be refurbished and resold on eBay soon.
I am currently playing through Skylanders on the Wii. I know, "it's not a real Spyro game", but I like it and my daughter likes it. I guess that can be number 5...

5) I am a father. A single father. And I'm OK with that now.

6) I find ciphers and logic puzzles entertaining. When I was a kid I learned the pigpen cipher from my mom and then went on to learn more about ciphers and codes. About a year and a half ago I started playing sudoku to take my mind off of the real world (hint: thing #5) and that hooked me on logic puzzles.

7) My favorite food is hot dogs with Mexican cheese and taco sauce.

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